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Rugby World Cup 2011 For Xbox Reviewed

The official video game of the 2011 Rugby World Cup

Posted Sep 09, 2011 by Chris White

The game is available on all formats

This week as I’ve geared myself up for the Rugby World Cup, I’ve been spending my free time sitting in front of the Xbox (to the delight of my girlfriend) playing the official video game for the tournament in New Zealand and I’ve definitely not been wasting my time!

It’s been four years since the last World Cup and the creators of the game, HB Studios, have obviously spent that time wisely because this game is fantastic. They could have used this game as a money-maker that costs very little to put together in comparison to some of their other titles, selling it purely on the fact that the World Cup is approaching so people would want to play the game.

The guys at HB were aiming to produce the best possible rugby game on the market and they’ve certainly put up a very good claim to that title. They’ve introduced a clever feature with the commentary, allowing users to choose between three different teams to cover their matches, something a lot of people on other games beg for at times!

The game targets both the new and experienced player, with features allowing you to turn knock-ons, fatigue, injuries and offside on or off depending on your ability.

They use the “natural conditions” well, with the wind genuinely contributing to the movement of the ball and the way it travels through the air, making kicking more or less difficult, which gives it that challenging, yet often infuriating, edge.

The player likenesses are good but they could certainly be better, and that is one of the only real negatives to the game. At times, you couldn’t work out who the players were supposed to be until the camera focussed on their face up close, or onto their shirt numbers. But hey, no game is perfect!

The five game settings consist of the full World Cup tournament, friendly international Test matches, warm-up tours, place kick shootouts and Xbox Live, allowing you to play online against other fans.

Overall, this game is definitely going to be selling well in stores and online and is far more than a novelty gift you would get off a relative purely because the tournament is on.

Marks Out of 10:

Gameplay – 9/10

Graphics – 7/10

Menu – 9/10

Player Likeness – 5/10


Overall – 8/10


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