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The overhead press builds upper body strength

Posted Mar 09, 2012 by Tips and Techniques

The overhead press

A quick note first - if you are unsure what you’re doing with any exercise, make sure you seek professional advice before starting any programme. Also, make sure you warm up and cool down properly as this will help you to avoid the chances of injury.
To the exercise – the overhead press is the most useful sports specific upper body strength exercise once the raw upper body strength has been developed by the bench press as it utilises the whole upper body to transmit force from the floor to the barbell in the same way you would when tackling or handing off an opponent during a match.

How to do the overhead press properly:
Take a nice even grip with your thumbs around the bar
Take the bar from the rack
Take one step back with the bar in rack position
Have your elbows nice and high and lock the bar across the front of the shoulders
Sway back slightly
Push the bar straight up
Pop your head through
Finish with your shoulders shrugged directly above the centre of gravity
Walk back into the rack
Touch uprights
Lower the bar into supports
Step away from rack

Key points
Elbows start in front of bar
Slight sway back
Pop head through
Bar should move in straight line directly above centre of gravity with shoulders shrugged

Common faults
Elbows starting too far behind the bar
Too much sway back
Bar finishing in front of the centre of gravity

We hope you’ll enjoy this exercise and find it beneficial. Good luck!

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