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Weightlifting - The Deadlift

Posted Mar 02, 2012 by Tips and Techniques

The deadlift

A quick note first - if you are unsure what you’re doing with any exercise, make sure you seek professional advice before starting any programme. Also, make sure you warm up and cool down properly as this will help you to avoid the chances of injury.
To the exercise – the deadlift helps to build strength in the hips and legs, and most importantly the back, which in turn will help for all pulling movements. Remember that learning the correct technique is an extremely important foundation for the power development exercises such as the Clean.
How to do the deadlift correctly:

  1. Address the bar
  2. Feet shoulder width apart
  3. Toes pointed slightly out
  4. Make sure there’s a bend in your hips and break the knees
  5. Have a double over handed grip
  6. Get your head into a good position
  7. Make sure your shoulder blades are directly above the bar
  8. Stand up rolling your shoulders back keeping head in good position
  9. Make sure the bar is nice and close to your body to keep control.
  10. Repeat

The key points of this exercise are:

  1. Bar starts over centre of feet
  2. Knees track inline with toes
  3. Back flat and strong
  4. At beginning of pull, the shoulder blades must be over the bar
  5. Head must stay in strong safe position throughout the exercise

Common faults are:

  1. Extending knees too early and not using hips
  2. Chin up too high towards the roof
  3. And rounding of the back

This is a great exercise and will help to build strength effectively. Remember to make sure the weight is correct for you before starting and that you have taken all the necessary precautions and procedures before starting. Good luck!

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