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Ladder drills to increase your foot speed

Top tips to help improve your game - this week, speed

Posted Sep 01, 2010 by Tips and Techniques

Ladder drills - rugby

This week we’re going to look at a training technique that will help develop fast feet and better co-ordination so when you go out onto the rugby pitch you are in top condition. We’re going to focus on ladder drills – a simple yet effective training technique.

In rugby, foot speed in crucial and can take your game onto the next level. Rapid footwork and correct foot placement are crucial factors in many different facets of the game including tackling, passing, rucking and mauling.

The simple benefits of having fast feet are:

• Improved acceleration

• Improved balance

• Enhanced agility

The ladder drills concentrate of rugby specific conditioning for your training but as with any exercise, there is a risk of injury, so if you don’t know what you’re doing, you must seek professional help before trying any of these drills. And remember the importance of a good warm up and cool down every time you set out to train.

Ladder drills you can use when training for rugby are:

• One foot in each rung of the ladder

• Two feet in each rung

• Lateral

• Mirror someone else with both hands and feet

• And then finally, a drill with both feet in each rung before passing off to someone next to you who has just done the same but set off just after you. This can be used for many people.

The things you need to remember when you are using these drills are:

• Always start on the ball of your feet

• Remain upright through your hips, thus maintaining good posture

• Have your elbows at 90° and push your arms all the way backwards and all the way through.

Hopefully you will find these tips useful and we wish you good luck for the season ahead.


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