Rugby Surgery Drill

Improve your Tackling

Aim: To successfully tackle the player with the ball or to get the ball to the other side of the square without being tackled.


  • Six players or more
  • Four markers (eg cones, clothing etc)
  • One ball

 Drill: Mark out a square of 10m by 10m.

Form two teams of three or more players, depending on how many people are taking part, on two corners of the square.

One team will have the ball, the other will not.

On the whistle, the player with the ball has to try and reach the opposite corner without getting tackled.

But the player without the ball is trying to stop them from from reaching the other side by making a tackle.

Once both teams have had a good go, switch ends to practice from the other side.

This will make you practice tackling with each shoulder.

Benefits: This drill works on two different levels.

One, it helps you develop your tackling technique from different angles.

And two, it is another good drill for practicing your evasion skills.

The players with the ball will be running with pace, it is important to get the timing on your tackles right to avoid injuring yourself and actually stopping your opponent.

Courtesy BCC Sport Academy

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