Rugby Surgery Drill

Enhance your Evasion Skills

Aim: To get to the other side of a square and avoid getting tagged by the player in the middle.


  • Six players or more
  • Four markers (eg cones, clothing etc)
  • One ball

Drill: Mark out a square or grid using the four markers depending on the size of the group.

One player stands in the middle of the square and faces the rest of the group - they are the "defender".

Then, on the whistle, the other players - the "attackers" - run to the other side of the grid, trying to avoid getting tagged by the defender.

If an attacker is touched by the defender, they themselves become a defender and try to tag the other players.

The game is over when the final attacker is caught.

They then become the defender in the next game.

Benefits: This drill is a good way of practicing and improving your evasion skills.

Often, the defender will pinpoint one particular player to "tackle".

If you are that player, make sure to use the sidestep and swerve to avoid the tackle.

This drill is also a great way of improving your change of pace as the defender approaches.

Courtesy BBC Sport Academy


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